A Message from owner Daphne Orlando:

The idea for EcoPetites formed as a result of a new year’s resolution. In 2012 I resolved to not buy any newly produced conventionally grown cotton. My awareness of the problems associated with conventionally grown food led to curiosity about agriculture in general, which would include fibers grown for cloth. This led to awareness about the repeated exploitation of people to grow, spin and sew our clothing. I could no longer knowingly participate in such a supply chain. There was no going back.

Additionally, what really motivated me to be part of the change was my children. I want them to know that exploitation does not have to be tolerated as status quo and that we don’t have to turn a deaf ear while others suffer, just so we can have something we want but don’t really need. My kids are citizens of the world. One was born in Guatemala, and the other in South Korea, and both joined my family via adoption. We are inherently tied to people across the globe. Adoption has created in me a feeling of obligation to see the world though other’s eyes, and not be myopic about our existence or ignore how our every day small choices can ripple across the globe.

Why did I decide to create petites? You may have guessed: I am short. I stand at 5 feet tall, but only if I have a quarter inch lift. It was really hard to find eco-friendly clothing that fit me, so I ended up sewing most of my clothes. And well, people seemed to like what I was wearing!

And so, EcoPetites was born.

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